Top 10 Chemical-Free Fly Control Options for Horses

A horse wearing a fly mask stands in a well-managed pasture free of manure, showcasing natural fly control. Visible flies in the air. The background includes a clean, green field for grazing horses.

Top 10 Natural Fly Control Options for Your Horse

Most of us enjoy riding in warmer weather over cold weather, but with the warm weather comes the flies. Whether horses or humans are more bothered by these pests is debatable, but finding effective chemical-free fly control is accessible!

1. Med-Vet Flies-A-Way

All-Natural, Chemical-Free Horse Supplement for Fly Control

Description: This natural fly-repellent product helps protect horses from flies without using harmful chemicals. It combines ingredients known to deter flies with ingredients that help break the flies' life cycle.

Product Link: Med-Vet Flies-A-Way

2. Fly Parasites

Tiny Beneficial Insects for Natural Fly Larvae Elimination

Description: These tiny beneficial insects target and eliminate fly larvae before they mature. There are multiple companies from which to order fly parasites; one of the most well-known is Fly Predators. Releasing fly parasites around your horse's environment reduces the overall fly population.

3. Diatomaceous Earth

Natural Powder for Environmentally Friendly Fly Larvae Control

Description: A natural powder of fossilized algae, it can be sprinkled in areas where flies breed. It dehydrates and kills fly larvae without harming the environment or your horse. However, it will also kill fly parasites, so you should not use both in the same areas.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Multi-Purpose Solution for Reducing Fly Attraction to Horses

Description: Adding a small amount of apple cider vinegar to your horse's water can help make their blood less appealing to flies. It is also effective as a topical spray when diluted with water.

5. Herbal Fly Sprays

Essential Oil-Based Sprays for Safe and Effective Fly Repellence

Description: These sprays are safe and effective options for repelling flies. Essential oils such as eucalyptus, citronella, and lavender are natural ingredients that deter biting insects. You can make them at home or purchase them from equine supply stores.

6. Fly Masks and Sheets

Protective Horse Fly Gear for Summer

Description: Protective gear such as fly masks, sheets, and leg wraps can physically prevent flies from bothering your horse. Although these are mesh, they can reduce a horse's ability to cool itself, so they are not always the best option. They are available in various styles to suit different needs.

7. Fans in Stables

Effective Use of Fans to Deter Flies and Cool Your Horse

Description: Installing fans in your horse's stable can deter flies that struggle against strong airflow. This option also helps keep your horse cool. We recommend ensuring the horse does not have easy access to the electrical connections, cables and the fan blades are securely covered. 

8. Fly Traps

Non-Toxic Traps for Reducing Fly Populations Naturally

Description: Non-toxic fly traps, such as sticky traps or baited traps, can effectively reduce the number of flies in the vicinity. These traps capture flies without using harmful chemicals.

9. Pine Sole

Natural Fly Deterrent with Pine Sole and Water Mixture

Description: A 50/50 mixture of Pine Sole and water sprinkled from a watering can in the barn aisle or in front of the barn will help reduce the number of flies in the area. A great option in grooming areas is spraying the walls and doors, which will further deter the flies.

10. Manure Management

Clean Stables and Proper Manure Disposal for Fly Control

Description: Regularly cleaning up manure and keeping the stable clean reduces fly breeding grounds. Proper disposal and composting of manure can significantly decrease fly populations.

These options effectively control flies while ensuring the health and safety of your horse without relying on chemical products.

Keep Your Horse Happy and Healthy - Explore More Fly Control Solutions!

Discover the best chemical-free fly control methods tailored for your equine companion. Ensure your horse's comfort and well-being with these natural options. Visit our store for a wide range of horse care products and expert advice.

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