Natural Calming and Hormonal Balance Supplements for horses experiencing stress and anxiety.

Calming & Hormonal Health


    Explore our Calming and Hormonal Support Collection, carefully curated to promote calmness, reduce stress, and support hormonal balance in horses. Utilizing natural ingredients, adaptogens, and targeted nutrients, these supplements are perfect for horses experiencing anxiety, stress from travel or competition, or hormonal imbalances. Ensure your horse's mental well-being and hormonal health with our gentle, effective solutions.

    Harmony and Balance for Your Horse:

    • Natural Calming Ingredients: Supplements with herbs and natural compounds to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.
    • Hormonal Balance Support: Products designed to support normal hormonal functions, crucial for both mares and stallions.
    • Stress Reduction: Aid in managing stress from competition, training, or environmental changes.
    • Gentle and Safe: Formulations that are safe for daily use, offering a natural way to support your horse's well-being.

    NASC Approved Supplements Only - Science & History Backed