About us

At the heart of Equine Balanced Support (EBS) is the desire to craft a healthier, more compassionate world for horses and small animals. We evolved from a local equine supplement provider to a national presence with a shoppable educational website, offering products and insights gleaned from years of experience and research. Combining passion with cutting-edge research and sustainable practices, we extend our product line from just equines to small animals with our Tiny Hands Nutri-Treats small animal treats.


Our Mission: To enhance the health and well-being of horses and small animals through sustainable, research-backed products and education

Founded in 2006, EBS was born from a shared vision of Elizabeth King, an accomplished dressage professional, and Emily Thompson Smith, a pioneering journalist and equestrian. Joined later by Sam DenDanto, an innovator in sustainable technology, our team represents a unique convergence of expertise, all dedicated to advancing animal health. A core belief in science-based research and a strong desire to facilitate education to animal lovers bonded us in our mission. 


Elizabeth King: Bridging Dressage and Equine Wellness

Elizabeth King, a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist, brings a lifetime of experience in the equestrian world, over twenty years as a professional dressage trainer. Her journey from the hunter/jumper realm to becoming a dressage trainer is evidence of her belief that dressage enhances the horse-rider bond across all disciplines. In addition to training horses, Elizabeth has managed barns and horse care for more than two decades. Experiencing the different needs of each horse and learning how to accommodate them mentally and nutritionally inspires her devotion to the mission of EBS.


Sam DenDanto: Innovation Meets Equine Care

Sam DenDanto's expertise in mechatronic product development and mechanical design has been pivotal in expanding our product offerings. A lifelong animal lover, he joined EBS in 2020. Sam brought with him a vision to integrate sustainable technology with equine health. His strategic insights have been instrumental in developing our flagship product, the Grazers Nutri-Treats, a metabolic-safe, healthy horse treat - because even a treat can provide nutrition!


Honoring Emily Thompson Smith: A Legacy of Compassion and Innovation

While Emily Thompson Smith is no longer with us, her legacy inspires our work. An award-winning journalist and avid equestrian, Emily's dedication to sustainable development and equine nutrition laid the foundation for EBS. We honor her memory by upholding her commitment to science-based, ethical approaches in all our endeavors.


Our Products and Services:

Both treats are free of added sugars, fillers, and preservatives.

Grazers Nutri-Treats: 

  • A metabolic-safe treat for horses
  • Perfectly sized to fit in your pocket to use as a training treat
  • Whole food ingredients enhanced with electrolytes and probiotics

Tiny Hands Nutri-Treats:

  • High in fiber and low in fat
  • Great size that requires gnawing and chewing for dental health
  • Provides vitamins and minerals from whole foods

In addition to our products, we offer equine supplements that we have researched and used ourselves. With so many options, choosing what your horse needs can be overwhelming. Our website contains educational information about horses' and small animals' nutritional and health needs. Check in often as we consistently add new articles and links to cutting-edge research. Our research and collaboration with our customers and suppliers ensure that our animal health and welfare offerings are of the highest quality. Please reach out with any questions or requests for specific topics covered in our information collection.


Join Our Journey

At Equine Balanced Support, we are more than a company; we are a community of horse and animal lovers, innovators, and environmental stewards. We invite you to join us on this journey, where every stride we take is towards a future where equines and the environment thrive together. 


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