Nourishing Pets: Big and Small

Explore the Amazing Ancestral Link Between Horses and Your Small Pets!

A Journey from Ancient Mammals: The diverse world of pets, from horses to rabbits and hamsters, traces back to the early Cenozoic Era, over 66 million years ago. Their evolutionary paths diverged from a primitive mammal, leading to the unique species we love today.

Healthy Snacks for Pets Inspired by Nature: At Equine Balanced Support, we are fascinated by this natural connection. We have tailored our healthy pet treats to reflect the diverse dietary evolution stemming from this shared ancestry. Whether it's robust nutritional options for horses or nutritious bites for energetic small pets, we cater to their unique needs.

Horses: The Diet of Equine Royalty

As herbivores, horses command a diet that supports their size and majestic nature. The cornerstone of their nutrition is fiber-rich hay and grass, promoting a healthy digestive tract. Designed to process small amounts of food over long periods, ideally, horses graze for up to 14 hours daily. Yet, their dietary canvas is vast:

  • Forage as Foundation: Grass and hay are staples for these gentle giants.
  • Balanced Macros: Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats fuel their daily activities.
  • Nutritional Add-ons: Concentrated horse feeds and supplements are available to complement their forage, ensuring a well-rounded diet.

Small Mammals: Delicate Frames with Distinct Needs

Contrastingly, the small and mighty—rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, and gerbils—boast unique dietary frameworks:

  • Rabbits: Fibrous hay anchors their diet, supplemented with vegetables and a modest measure of pellets to weave a complete tapestry of nutrients.
  • Hamsters: These tiny foragers favor a mix of grains, seeds, and occasional fresh produce, mirroring the diversity of their ancestral diet.
  • Chinchillas: With their origins in the mountainous Andes, they thrive on a high-fiber, low-fat regimen, with hay as their mainstay and specially crafted pellets to fulfill their nutritional spectrum.
  • Gerbils: In their natural arid environments, gerbils' diets are composed of seeds, grains, and the occasional leafy greens, requiring a balance that supports their energetic lifestyle.

Common Grounds: Where Diets Overlap

Beneath the diversity, horses and small animals share dietary parallels:

  • Fiber: The universal thread weaving through each diet is essential for all. Timothy hay is a top choice for horses and small animals.
  • Protein: Customized to each species, these are the building blocks of life.
  • Vitamins & Minerals: Integral for health, from robust bones to efficient metabolism.
  • Water: The essence of life, vital for creatures large and small.

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