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MED-VET Levelor - MVP Horse Supplement (2.65 lbs). Digestive Health, Hormonal Balance, Nervous System Support for Horses
MED-VET Levelor - MVP Horse Supplement (5.3 lbs). Digestive Health, Hormonal Balance for Mares, Nervous System Support for Geldings
MED-VET Levelor - MVP Horse Supplement Label. Ingredients, Guaranteed Analysis, Hormonal Support, Nervous System Health, Digestive Support

MED-VET Levelor (Meal)

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  • In stock, ready to ship

Harmonize Hormonal and Nervous System in Horses with Levelor

Enhance your horse's well-being with Levelor, a premium blend crafted to support healthy hormonal and nervous systems in both mares and geldings. Ideal for promoting a calm disposition and balanced behavior.

Why Choose MVP Levelor?

  • Promotes Calmness: Enriched with Taurine and Magnesium for their calming effects.
  • Balances Hormones: Includes Raspberry Leaf to help maintain steady hormone levels.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for both mares and geldings.
  • Highly Palatable: Easy-to-feed meal form for hassle-free administration.
  • Raspberry Leaf: Supports smooth muscle function in reproductive and gastrointestinal tracts.
  • Comprehensive Herbal Formula: Features Dong Quai Root Powder for healthy cycles and Chasteberry for hormonal balance.
  • Taurine: Essential for nervous system and muscle health.
  • Magnesium: Supports multiple bodily functions and enhances supplement effectiveness.

Note: Check competition rulings regarding the use of Dong Quai Root Powder.

Whether you're dealing with moody mares or anxious geldings, Levelor is your go-to solution for a more harmonious and comfortable environment.

Embrace the change with Levelor – the perfect blend for a balanced, calm, and healthy horse. Order now and see the difference in your horse's disposition and overall health!

Allow 1-3 business days for processing, shipment tracking will be provided up order confirmation!

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Don't take our word for it


"Levelor has helped regulate my mare's mood swings, especially during her cycle. It's a game-changer."


Temecula, CA

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