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SOURCE Focus HF (Hoof) - Kelp Horse Supplement (3.5 lbs and 25 lbs, pellet). Daily, Hoof Health, Pellet, Enhance Hoof Health, Improve Your Horse's Hoof Health
SOURCE Focus HF (Hoof) - Kelp Horse Supplement Label. Ingredients, Guaranteed Analysis, Biotin, Copper, Amino Acids, Trace Minerals, Hoof Strength and Growth

SOURCE Focus HF (Hoof)

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  • In stock, ready to ship

Enhance Hoof Health with SOURCE Focus HF

Boost your horse's hoof health effectively with SOURCE Focus HF. This supplement is essential for any equine diet, blending Biotin, Copper, Amino Acids, and Trace Minerals to promote robust and healthy hoof growth.

Key Benefits of SOURCE Focus HF:

  • Nutrient-Dense Formula: Packed with vital nutrients like Biotin and Copper, along with essential Amino Acids to promote strong and healthy hoof growth.
  • Trace Minerals for Strength: Contains a unique blend of Trace Minerals that fortify hoof integrity and strength.
  • Promotes Overall Hoof Health: Carefully designed to improve both the health and appearance of horse hooves.
  • Supports a Balanced Diet: Complements your horse's daily feed regimen, providing complete nutritional care.
  • Ideal for All Horses: Suitable for horses of all breeds and life stages, ensuring universal applicability.

Experience comprehensive hoof care with SOURCE Focus HF. Incorporating high-quality ingredients like Biotin for growth and Copper for strength, this supplement ensures your horse's hooves are healthy and resilient.

Don't wait to enhance your horse's hoof health. Start with SOURCE Focus HF today and notice the difference in hoof quality and strength!

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Don't take our word for it


"Just a few months on Focus HF and my farrier is impressed with the improvement in my horse's hoof quality."


Denver, CO

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